FUN Call of Duty 4 Custom Games

    • FUN Call of Duty 4 Custom Games

      Michael Meyers

      Michael Myers is a private match game mode where one person is "Michael Myers" and must use a knife to kill everyone else. The other players have to run and hide from him.

      • Team Deathmatch
      • Old School Enabled
      • 1 Life
      • Health: Normal
      • Time Limit: 10 Minutes (or more, depending on the lobby, but sometimes it can become boring if Michael Myers can't find the remaining few or last players)

      • One Michael Myers
      • Michael Myers picks top team, everyone else picks bottom team
      • No one can shoot
      • Other players cannot use stuns, frags, etc.
      • No two-person glitches
      • Michael Myers must use knife to kill everyone
      • Last survivor can kill Michael Myers, but only with a knife
      • Last survivor also gets to pick the next Michael Myers for the next game

      Cops and Robbers

      The cops will prevent the bombs from being plant by defending them. The cops can send robbers to jail or kill them if the robbers try to flee or attack the cops.


      Default Search and Destroy, can also extend round times if you wish

      • Two teams: Cops and Robbers
      • Cops are supposed to defend the bombs and robbers are supposed to secretly plant the bombs. Cops cannot camp the bomb sites.
      • Cops can only use shotguns and robbers can only use knives
      • Everyone must have the perk Eavesdrop because when a cop see's a robber he is supposed to tell the robber to, "Get down!" and since the robber has Eavesdrop the robber could hear the cop. The robber can either obey what the cop says or knife the cop when the cop isn't looking. But, if the robber doesn't obey the cop and tries to run away, the cop can shoot the fleeing robber. But if the robber breaks the cop's line of sight when he flees, the cop must request again that the robber gets down.
      • There must be a jail. The jail is where the cops will send the robbers to. The cops will walk the robbers to jail. This jail needs to have only one door. The only way a robber can leave jail is for teammates to break him out by walking into the jail.

      Border Patrol

      The runners must successfully make it to the destination without being sniped by the border patrol.


      Default Search and Destroy

      • Two teams: Border patrol and runners
      • Everyone has M40A3 snipers
      • Border patrol stands on top of the roof of the house that overlooks the huge field.
      • Runners cannot kill border patrol until they reach their destination, and then, they must use a M40A3 sniper.
      • Border patrol has to shoot in the air to let everyone know that he is ready, then the runners can begin their sprint.

      Do you have any other private match game modes your friends and you play? Share them here! It would be great to know other unique, custom game modes that are fun! :thumbup:
    • Back in the day I used to play Michael Meyers with all my friends, it was almost a daily thing. It's the best on CoD4 and MW2 because of all of the cool maps. There's also this other game that we used to play, didn't really have a name, it probably does but I'm not aware of it. It's where you setup a game on a map like Shipment and turn hardcore/oldschool on so you have that extra boost when jumping. You get on top of the containers and jump back in fourth trying to knife one another.
    • @Wage That sounds like a regular knife only match. I know what you are talking about but for some reason I cannot remember the "name" for it. I played it a few times with friends back years ago too. If I remember correctly, if you fell off the shipments, you also lost too. I know what it is, but I just can't think of the "real" name of it.

      Unfortunately I don't think I played much mini games in MW2. Even Michael Meyers was a rare occurrence. CoD4 had the best maps for that kind of stuff.