Version 1.08 Brings New Depot Collections and Performance Fixes

    • Version 1.08 Brings New Depot Collections and Performance Fixes

      The 1.08 Version update was released today. We were promised the following bug fixes and "much more":
      • Increased server send rate, what many of us commonly referred to as tick rate. They are not the same thing. This "bug" made it where two different players could be seeing entirely different things and therefore causing bad deaths due to lag.
      • Clan tags would sometimes get reset. Amos Hodge promised a fix on this:

      • Increase/fix the collateral damage on MWR to match the original CoD4. Now, collaterals, triples, and even QUAAAAAAAAAAAADS will be possible.

      • Killcams were glitched and would not show after death.
      • Spawn system overhaul to match the original CoD4. The spawns in MWR were so bad that players could end up spawning right behind you and in your team's spawn point. In the original CoD4, you spawn where the majority of your team is huddled, or far away from the enemy's team. This new fix can and will cause a lot of spawn trapping if Raven Software fixed the issue correctly. But it will be like the old days.
      The official 1.08 patch notes.

      Along with these, we also got some new Depot content. 24 brand new Depot Collections, which contain three new weapons, weapon kits, camouflages, characters, calling cards, emblems, combat uniforms, and melee weapons. The three new weapons are:

      Powerful, Low-Recoil Automatic Assault Rifle.

      Fully automatic shotgun with 12 rounds per magazine. Will definitely be a game changer!

      Magnum .44
      The same stats as the Desert Eagle. It will be interesting to see how this new sidearm works in reality! The Magnum .44 first appeared in MW2.

      Both the Kamchatka-12 and XM-LAR weapons were first found in game files as early as 6 days after release on November 10, 2016.

      What do you think of this update so far?