Transitioning from CoD4 (2007) to MWR

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    • Transitioning from CoD4 (2007) to MWR

      Before you ever touched MWR online, and you had played CoD4 on Xbox 360 and PS3 recently, did you notice anything different that forced you to adjust your tactics and play style?

      In my experience, I notice that I am dying less often and also being less stressed. Maybe it's because of all the new players? I am always surprised when I party up with other players and the majority of them never played the original CoD4! Then I remember that a lot of people started CoD on MW2, and to my actual surprise, some of the people I play with started CoD on later installments like Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare.

      I also like the Communities system on PS4 for the MWR communities. The Communities system is great for finding teammates and looking for people playing game modes like Michael Meyers and Cops and Robbers. Speaking of Michael Meyers, a lot of people on MWR play it with SnD. I never played Michael Meyers on SnD before but with the few people I played with, they said that is how they played it on Black Ops 3 so maybe that is also another thing that new players have brought to CoD4. But, I could've also just never played with people on CoD4 who played it with SnD... Not sure really. What has been your experience with transitioning so far?

      I know the Depot system was VERY confusing at first since I skipped all CoDs with the Supply Drops system.