Do you ever record videos?

    • Do you ever record videos?

      Do you make YouTube MWR videos? If you do, or are interested in making them, post here. Feel free to post some of your videos too. :)

      My only CoD4 video I have right now is the CoD4 Zone Elevator Tutorial:

      I recorded that video with a HD PVR 1212, the same HD PVR I've had since 2010! I record my PS4 videos with an Elgato HD60. What do you use to record? What're you interested in using?
    • Are most of your videos just good, random clips you haven't uploaded @CMOBOSS?

      This is a tutorial for doing the elevator glitch in Call of Duty 4. This glitch can be done on many maps and can help you get out of maps and other areas that are not otherwise accessible by a player. Unfortunately elevators haven't been found in any of the newer CoDs, and in Modern Warfare Remastered, nearly all glitches have been patched from CoD4, like this elevator.
    • So a couple of days ago on my off day I decided to plug in my Elgato and start recording and hopefully finding my passion again for making videos and doing things I enjoy. Well, after thinking my Elgato was broken because I had DHCP enabled, I finally got it connected right and started on my first video in almost 2 years. The last video I made was the Elevator tutorial in the OP. This is the video I made:

      I hope to get better as I get more familiar with the software and YouTube community again but I really enjoy doing stuff like this. I'm open to feedback too!