Should you buy Call of Duty for an underage person?

    • Should you buy Call of Duty for an underage person?

      What is your opinion people who purchase Call of Duty for somebody who is under the age of 17? It is illegal for a minor to buy a rated M game on their own but if somebody over the age of 17 is accompanied with them, a lot of stores will allow the purchase. But what I'm interested in is the morale standpoint. Should an underage child be playing a game as violent and militaristic as Call of Duty?
    • The reality here is there are -most likely hundreds of thousands of- systems in the world little kids can access and play the game on. The real solution here would be the ability to moderate the game play or the files (blood and gore /audio) accessed by the user playing the game based on their permissions in the system (ie current parental control settings)

      This is one example why game devs and system devs should always have an open line of communication... to better serve the end user experience.

      Something as simple as "First run - configuration" which would allow for the system owner to set the default (in this case blood and gore) levels. Which could be removed or cleared for that game play session with a simple code, but minimize the above without the correct Parental code.

      Kinda like the ratings systems on the dvd players.

      Maybe I'm just talkin out my ass and they have this all in the works. That's always possible too though. As I've said previously I am not avid system player.

      To answer your question, this is all really a matter of parental decision.

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    • I can remember when GTA Vice City came out, and I had to get my friends older brother to buy it for me. The guy at Eb Games was hesitant, but we got it. I was sooooo excited to play, and almost not being able to get it scared me lol. Did the double sided dildo in the police station corrupt my mind? Lmao I don't this so. I think it's innocent to want to play these games. They're great games, classics, and I think that counts. It's not about the gore, it's about the challenge. If it was some garbage game I can see a problem, but they're iconic games. Every kid has seen CoD and has friends who play it. The only problem I have with video games is when people are playing online and use racist/sexist/homophobic slurs. The game itself is not going to hurt a child.