Before we begin... are you purchasing MWR?

    • Before we begin... are you purchasing MWR?

      Are you purchasing Modern Warfare Remastered? 1
        Yes. Definitely. I am looking forward to both IW and MWR! (1) 100%
        Yep, as I don't have the patience for it to be sold standalone, unfortunately. (0) 0%
        Nada... not until it is released as a standalone title. (0) 0%
        Nope. Never. (0) 0%
      Modern Warfare Remastered is bundled with Infinite Warfare and its own pre-order bonuses, and the only way to purchase MWR as of right now is to at the minimum, pay $79.99 for the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. A lot of people are angry over this, and have exclaimed that they will not be purchasing MWR UNTIL it is sold as a standalone title. A lot of these people could just be riding the anti-Call of Duty bandwagon and will really end up buying both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered regardless... but who knows what is and isn't true until sales figures are released? But, personally, are you going to be purchasing Modern Warfare Remastered DESPITE having to pay $79.99 for the game you truly want?

      My personal opinion is, I like Infinite Warfare so far, from the gameplay videos and trailers. Although after the first reveal trailer, I was incredibly frustrated and annoyed that they made yet ANOTHER futuristic Call of Duty. But recently I've started playing Black Ops 3 again and learning the gameplay mechanics slowly, but surely, like wall running and thrust jumping, and have slowly began to find it fun again. I am excited about both titles and the value, actually. I plan on purchasing the Digital Deluxe edition for $100 to get the Infinite Warfare Season Pass with it, just so I can stay up to date with it, unlike the past 2 Call of Duty games.

      So... the question remains unanswered. Feel free to expand on your answer below!
    • Hey @TheGamingRow! It's great to see you here. Unfortunately not a welcome thread yet, you got here a bit early. But if you want, you can introduce yourself in Fun Stuff and once a "Welcome"/"Introduce Yourself" forum is created it will be merged or adjusted appropriately. Thanks for signing up though, it will be great seeing you around!

      As for your comment on future war games, I completely agree. Although I really liked Black Ops 2, and so did a lot of CoD players, so I think a lot of major "hate" towards the new futuristic settings like Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare come from the new gameplay mechanics like wall running, thrust jumping, exo suits, etc. Basically they're just so far set in the future that it does not feel like "CoD" to a lot of the veteran fans.

      I recently started playing Black Ops 3 again and I have to say, that getting the hang of wall running is a bit hard. I missed AW completely so I am still on the learning curve but after playing enough multiplayer, I learned that a lot of other people are very good at using the new gameplay mechanics and I totally get outplayed. It's one of the things I hope I can improve on my skills before Infinite Warfare comes out and I am not getting smacked around like crazy. :whistling:
    • Yea I agree with you.

      I get pretty much owned every time playing black ops 3! The new mechanics will take some getting used to. I guess the developers know what they are doing.

      The re-mastered versions are something i'm really looking forward to, perhaps they will have tweaked the mechanics slightly but hopefully they haven't messed around with them too much!.

      Thanks for the welcome :)
    • Yea it's slightly bitter sweet.

      The better you get at the game the harder it gets. There are some players that are absolutely unreal in terms of skill. It's amazing to think that gaming can be considered a skill these days. I for one rank up and then get added into higher ranked matches and I end up bottom by getting absolutely annihilated.

      Also agree with you on the wall running, more practice required!
    • TheGamingRow wrote:

      bitter sweet.
      That is the perfect way to describe it.

      TheGamingRow wrote:

      The better you get at the game the harder it gets. There are some players that are absolutely unreal in terms of skill.
      Yep! I am happy that MWR will be released and we'll have a new Call of Duty that does not include wall running, thrust jumping, and maps that take full advantage of those features.

      TheGamingRow wrote:

      I for one rank up and then get added into higher ranked matches and I end up bottom by getting absolutely annihilated.
      It's all a learning experience. AW turned me off completely and was the very first CoD that I did not pre-order or attend its midnight release. Unfortunately, because of that, I think I am very behind with the new gameplay mechanics that will soon be in the past 3 Call of Duty games. You are right, it shows that wall running, thrust jumping, and maneuvering across maps like robot ninjas are all learnable skills in Call of Duty once you play enough of AW, Black Ops 3, and soon Infinite Warfare. Unfortunately, I'm still learning and there are some really good players out there who take full advantage of CoD's new movement systems!