Opening Your Electronics and Warranty

    • Opening Your Electronics and Warranty…oved-stickers-are-illegal

      This is a great article that goes into detail as to why it is legal to open your electronic devices such as Apple, Microsoft, and Sony systems. A lot of people are afraid to open their electronics because of stickers, such as on all Xbox's and PlayStations. This article explains that as long as your own repair did not cause unrelated damage to your device, your warranty is not void. It also claims that these laws exist so that manufacturers can maintain a monopoly on repairs and maintenance. The trouble comes when the manufacturer asks why the warranty sticker is broken though. The article doesn't explain what to say or do when confronted about your broken stickers. However, likely, your system is broken AFTER the warranty, so if you're still covered under warranty, why would you try to repair your own device? Unless it is a simple repair that would take a lot less time. But then, you run into the issue that if something else breaks later down the road and your device is still covered under warranty, what do you do then? The article claims that manufacturers must prove your own repair caused the unrelated damage.

      Overall, it is a bit tricky and doesn't really provide a simple yes or no answer. Although it is an informative read and I would love to hear what you think of this issue!
    • I once had major problems trying to get them to fix my PS3 because I hadn't filled out that owners info when I got it. They didn't believe it was MY paystation, and I had to annoy them for about a month before they gave in and did the repair. Sry this is off topic but this thread reminded me of it and now I'm mad all over again, even tho it was years ago >=(