Infinite Warfare Zombies (Spaceland)

    • Infinite Warfare Zombies (Spaceland)

      I played my first game of Zombies in Infinite Warfare today. I only got to round 14 with a random group, but I got to access a lot of the Zombies in Spaceland map while I was at it. I didn't play much of Black Ops 3 Zombies so I don't know how to really compare it to its big brother. The map was really easy to navigate and not get lost, which was a relief since the Zombies maps in Black Ops 3 were huge to me. But again, this is coming from somebody who didn't play much of Black Ops 3 Zombies since the game mode started getting really hectic and complex with tons of rituals, easter eggs, and bigger maps. I just couldn't keep up with all the new added features but this is something that I plan to change with Infinite Warfare Zombies. Anyway, I felt like the map was a lot easier too. This was the first time I really played Zombies since Black Ops 2 and it seemed easier. Part of me thinks the reason for this is because Infinity Ward developed it and not Treyarch. I got to turn the power on, buy juggernaut, and train some Zombies. I want to play more so that I can get better accustomed to the map and get higher rounds. But, I don't think it was bad at all. Of course, while I'm writing this thread, I have not seen any YouTube footage or feedback for Zombies in Spaceland from Zombies experts like NGT, so I have no real way of gauging my opinion, but I still found it fun which is what matters the most. If you've played Zombies in Spaceland, what are your thoughts so far?