Playing with Friends = Higher K/D, W/L, and More FUN?

    • Playing with Friends = Higher K/D, W/L, and More FUN?

      Does playing with (good) friends make you a better player? Most people, including myself, would say yes. When you are playing public solo, you never know what kind of teammates you will have or how good the other players are. The most important factor in having a good game is the latter, the opposite team's skill set. If there are a few GREAT, dominant MWR players on the other team, and you just by yourself on a mediocre team, chances are that there will be helicopters buzzing around one after one, airstrikes will be spammed, and you'll be getting bombarded at nearly every spawn. The only real possible way to prevent a disaster to yourself is to setup post and kill any easy targets you can find. Practically, by playing very defensively. Eventually you will rack up kill streaks and may be able to lessen the enemy's blow or even flip the match, depending on how bad it is!

      When you are partied up with a group of good MWR players, you are more likely to win matches, get better kill death ratios, and improve your skills simply by playing with better friends. Sometimes, you may even run into a group of other partied up friends and that is when the real competitiveness starts. But for the most part, you and your friends will run into random public lobbies with solo players on the other team. When you are on a team, you have the ability to communicate and that is one of the biggest advantages you don't have when you are playing solo. For example, ever play objective based games and realize that nearly nobody on your team is even trying to capture flags or plant bombs and the other team is just reigning blows? That is the opposite of what it is like with a party.

      I remember in Black Ops 2 there was a unique mode called League Play that was very successful and it depended heavily on teamwork and communication. With a good clan, you could fly up the divisions quickly to Platinum and have a lot of fun while at it. If you are also new at MWR, you would probably be a lot better off by playing with friends too. If you don't have any friends who play MWR or aren't online, after a few matches, you can always send out friend requests to the good players in the lobbies and party up with them.

      Anyhow, if you are interested in quickly improving and maintaining your stats and skills, try playing with friends or other good players. You can still maintain a great K/D, good W/L, and have fun playing solo, but it is very evident not only in CoD, but also in life, that a team is very important. Try playing with a good group and see what the results are!