Infinite Warfare Beta

    • Infinite Warfare Beta

      Been playing the Infinite Warfare Beta for a couple of days. At first I was getting frustrated due to what I thought were connection bugs, for ex., being killed even after I spot and shoot the enemy first. However, today has been generally fun and I am enjoying the game. After trial and error, I learned that I do better when I play the game slow and not fast. Sprinting around and trying to flank enemies has not been a good strategy for me at all. So I started to slow it down and take my time and try to take advantage of the enemies' impatience and excitement for the new game. But I really got to say that this second day of the Beta changed my thoughts about Infinite Warfare completely! I bought the Digital Deluxe edition to save money and get the games a little early due to pre-loading. But great fun and I recommend trying it out to see how you feel about it!