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    • Trophies Requests and Suggestions

      Hello! This is the official Trophies thread where you may suggest and request forum Trophies. Trophies are award icons that are given out after completing miscellaneous tasks on the forum and off the forum. You can easily earn them by completing the tasks associated with each. Below are the list of our current Trophies.

      Disclaimer - Trophies on this page only show Trophies that have been rewarded. This thread will show ALL available Trophies! :)

      Our current Trophies

      Pub Stomper

      For the runnin' 'n' gunnin' machines.


      For the glitchers and well versed Michael Myers players in our community who know all the best hiding spots and tricks.

      Attention to Detail

      Find and report a bug on the forum.

      Have an idea for a new, fun Trophy? Copy and paste this form below and we will greatly consider your suggestion.
      Trophy Name:
      Trophy Description (How it is earned):
      Trophy Icon (Pick from this list of Font-Awesome Icon):
      To keep uniformity throughout the site, we use Font Awesome icons for our Trophies.


      Not all Trophies will be given out through this thread, some may be given out by random or by completing various, vague tasks around the forum. BUT, feel free to fill out this form if you would like to request a Trophy.

      Although, sometimes Trophies may be given out to the recipient before they can even fill out this form! ;) But in case we miss you:

      How I or member: (@ ) earned this trophy:
      You can also suggest Trophies for other members too based on their contributions!

      Thanks! We hope you enjoy our Trophy system very much. We look forward to handing a lot of these out to our best members!