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    • Trophies Requests and Suggestions

      Hello! This is the official Trophies thread where you may suggest, request, and assess our Trophies system. In the case that you are unfamiliar with our Trophies system, they are awards that are given out after completing a miscellaneous task or just for jest. To see the current list of received Trophies, click below. But be aware that only Trophies that have been given out will appear on this page. Trophies that are invisible because they have not been given out will not appear on the rewarded Trophies list:

      The current list of Trophies are:

      No Hard Scoping

      For the run 'n' gunnin' snipers that do it well.


      Prove you are an awesome and informed glitcher in MWR. The Unlock symbol stands for gaining access to restricted areas in maps.

      To Suggest a New Trophy:
      Trophy Name:
      Trophy Description (How it is earned, what it is, etc.):
      Trophy Icon (32x32 orFont-Awesome Icon):

      Not all Trophies will be given out from this form, some are given out by random or by completing achievements around the forum. Feel free to fill out this form if you would like to be considered for a specific Trophy. Although, sometimes Trophies may be given out to the deserved user before they can even fill out this form! But in case we miss you:

      Reason I need this trophy:
      Thanks! Feel welcomed to talk about the Trophies system in general below too!