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    • Call of Duty 4 Elevators Tutorial

      This video provides a tutorial for both crouch and prone elevators, the most common and easiest elevators. I will provide anyone who needs direct help with it if you have Xbox LIVE. Check the video description for my gamertag. Also, feedback for this video would be greatly appreciated. It's the first I've made in a long time so any comments will be taken into consideration. Thank you.

      Text tutorial -

      1. Walk up to the elevator.
      2. Look directly up.
      3. Crouch or Prone
      4. Turn your crosshairs slightly right.
      5. Change your stick layout to Legacy Southpaw.
      6. Slowly move left, stand, crouch again, then repeat until you hit an invisible barrier. You'll know when you hit a barrier because you cannot stand up.
      7. Once you have hit the barrier, slowly move right, stand, then crouch and move back left until you hit the barrier again.
      8. Try to get as close to the barrier as you can. Once you are very close to the barrier, but not hitting it, change your stick layout back to Default and straighten your crosshairs.
      9. Now set your stick layout back to Legacy Southpaw and keep maneuvering from under the barrier to right of the barrier. You'll eventually start levitating.


      If you start "glitching" up and down, you need to restart the elevator.
      Do not move forward at all.
      If you are trying an easy elevator, and do not succeed after 10 minutes, straighten your crosshairs again. You want your crosshairs to be as straight as possible in the second part.
      There are many elevators in this game, practice and master all of them. They are very fun.

      Thank you. Join us! :thumbup: