What is the Best CoD4 / Modern Warfare Remastered First Perk?

    • What is the Best CoD4 / Modern Warfare Remastered First Perk?

      The three main perks of Call of Duty 4 are: Stopping Power, Juggernaut, and Dead Silence. The first two cancel each other out, therefore making either them a requirement for all of your classes. To avoid an unbalanced match, you should always have either Stopping Power or Juggernaut as your second perk. The only exception is competitive, where a lot of times either perk may be disabled. And for that scenario, excluding UAV Jammer and Sonic Boom, since those perks may also be invalidated, Double Tap, Sleight of Hand, and Overkill are great choices, with Double Tap being my personal choice. Overkill, the perk that allows you to have a primary weapon as your secondary weapon, such as a SMG, is also disabled some of the time. So it's best to just count those three perks out (UAV Jammer, Sonic Boom, and Overkill) if you are interested in partaking in ranked competitive, such as MLG.

      Now, for the first perk options:

      C4 X2, Special Grenades X3, RPG-7 X2, Claymore X, Frag X3, Bandolier, and Bomb Squad

      Despite the game mode I am playing, I am 90% of the time going to have Special Grenade X3, RPG-7 X2, or Claymore X2. Special Grenades X3 and RPG-7 X2 are both unlocked at Level 1. This is great for new players since these first perk options are the best for public matches. Unfortunately both are frequently banned in competitive. Special Grenades X3 gives you three flash bangs or stun grenades. This perk could be considered overpowered but it is what it is. :P Special Grenades X3 gives you the ability to spam enemies with stun grenades or flashbangs, allowing you to temporarily blind them. The best special grenade to use for Special Grenades X3 is stun grenades. Flashbangs will often hurt both the enemy and yourself since the radius is farther and it is more powerful. So, often times you will be blinding yourself while trying to blind the enemy with a flashbang. Hence, stun grenades being the superior choice to use for Special Grenades X3.

      RPG-7 X2 is a very good choice as a first perk because it can act as a third weapon. RPGs will blow up camping enemies and they are surprisingly very accurate and powerful, which is contrary to the newer Call of Duty titles. RPG-7 X2 can also be a good backup if the opposite team earns a helicopter. Two blows from a RPG will send the helicopter tumblin' down.

      Now, Claymore X2, is my favorite first perk for camping, sniping, or Search and Destroy. These are unlocked at Level 23, which isn't too bad. They are a trip mine that you can place down hidden by bombs, in corners, by door entrances, or wherever you might suspect an enemy to creep upon. But be careful, however, as if you are in front of the motion sensors, you will also be blown up and it is quite embarrassing.

      To sum up the 4 remaining perks: C4 X2, Frag X3, Bandolier, and Bomb Squad.

      C4 X2 isn't a bad perk, but it is both inferior and superior to frags and claymores. C4s are great for defending bombs, mass kill feeds, and ambushing, but it unfortunately ends there, for me, at least. The most logical use for a C4? Camping a bomb site, throwing it into a camper's room, or for taking out a group of enemies. Also can be helpful for killing enemies within the explosion radius of a car. But that is really it. Although it is unlocked at Level 1 so it can be a good Claymore X2 replacement.

      I don't typically use Frag X3 unless I am flanking the enemy's spawn. Frags can be more useful if you throw them right before they're about to explode, otherwise the enemies will get a HUD popup warning them of a frag grenade rolling around near them.

      Bandolier is GREAT for competitive, solo 1v1s, or matches where you do not plan on dying. It increases your ammo so if you are a real soldier, it's the perk for you. But for veteran players only.

      Bomb Squad is also GREAT for competitive where explosives are allowed and for bomb objective based games where enemies tend to place claymores or C4s near objectives. Also great if you want to be a ninja.

      Thank you for reading and if you have any recommendations of your own, join us and feel free to share them! :thumbsup: