What is Your Camouflage of Choice?

    • What is Your Camouflage of Choice?

      What's Your Favorite CoD4 Weapon Camouflage? 0
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      What is your favorite CoD4 camo? CoD4 and WaW are pretty old school when it comes to weapon customizations compared to the new CoDs today. Maybe when MWR is released, we will see more weapon customization options like new weapon camouflages and attachments and attachment combinations?

      The 2 (two) camouflages available immediately:



      Digital - Unlocked after 25 headshots using the weapon

      Blue Tiger - Unlocked at 75 headshots for all weapons besides shotguns. Unlocked for shotguns at 50 headshots.

      Red Tiger - Unlocked at 150 headshots for all weapons besides shotguns. Unlocked for shotguns at 100 headshots.

      And last, but not least:

      Golden - Unlocked after completing all the challenges for every weapon in that category. For example, the gold camouflage for Mini-Uzi is unlocked once you have completed every challenge for every other SMG weapon. There are 5 (five) golden camouflages that can be unlocked: AK47 (Assault Rifles), Mini Uzi (SMG), M60E4 (LMG), M1014 (Shotguns), and Dragunov (Sniper Rifles). The golden Desert Eagle (Sidearm) is unlocked automatically at Level 55.

      Golden AK47

      Golden Mini Uzi

      Golden M60E4 LMG

      Golden M1014 Shotgun

      Golden Sniper Dragunov

      Golden Desert Eagle Pistol/Sidearm

      Now, the question remains, what's your favorite camo? Some of these pictures may be low quality so if you have no experience with CoD4, or haven't played it recently, it might be hard to actually pick a favorite camo from these images since some of these pics do not do them justice. But, some camos do look better than other camos on certain weapons.

      After 10th prestige, level 55, and unlocking all the camouflages, my favorite is Blue Tiger. I like Red Tiger and Digital too.