Hello All!

    • Hello everyone,

      the names Mike and I've come here because I like most of you (i hope all of you, actually) love COD!

      I think the best COD of all time is COD4. I just instantly fell in love with the game and I always go ahead and revisit it every few months.

      I'm 26, work for an energy company and I live in England, UK!

      I hope we can build this forum community together.
    • Hello Mike! It's very good to see your introduction! Thanks for visiting us and signing up, even though this isn't your first post, but still, it is appreciated!

      CoD4, in my opinion, is also the best Call of Duty and I hope that MWR will really continue CoD4's legacy for the newer CoD generation. Raven Software has stated that they have made many minor adjustments to MWR to make it more similar to CoD4, so what we've seen in the gameplay videos released from CoD XP 2016 might actually be a little different on November 4, 2016!

      Thanks and I look forward to working with you, too! It will be great.