What's your fave mission on COD4?

    • What's your fave mission on COD4?

      It most certainly has to be 'All Ghillied up'

      That has to go down as one of the greatest levels in any game ever surely? A close second for me is Death From Above, it was quite different from the other missions and I would have liked to have had more missions like that in this game. Perhaps switching from tank driving back to your character.

      If anyone can give me a fair argument as to why All Ghillied up isn't the best level in the game I probably won't agree with you, but I'll respect your decision!
    • TheGamingRow wrote:

      It most certainly has to be 'All Ghillied up'
      Respectable and a great, nostalgic mission at that.

      I don't want to name that either, to give a different view point and perhaps debate, but it's been a while since I've played through CoD4 campaign. I've mostly been focused on multiplayer. Even though I've beaten the campaign a number of times, I have a hard time remembering the missions by names, but in all honesty, All Ghillied Up would have probably ended up my favorite too, if I could remember the missions detail by detail and its names. Let me play the MWR campaign first and I will let you know! As of right now, @TheGamingRow, you've stumped me. :/
    • Let me add - there are many, many great missions on CoD4 and it perhaps has the best CoD campaign to date. Unfortunately I have not played the campaign in a long time, even though I should be a veteran on it considering this forum, I know the multiplayer like the back of my own hand. Once MWR campaign is released, 30 days before IW/MWR, I will play that and promise to discuss the campaign a lot more.

      One thing that stumps me though, is the campaign weapons that are not available in MP. Like the attachments that were later released in MW2.