Announcement CoD4 Zone is NOW Running Woltlab Burning Board

    • CoD4 Zone is NOW Running Woltlab Burning Board

      Hello, everybody!

      I have some great news to share on the forum today. This has been something I've thought about for a long time now, and it has finally happened. After months of stagnant growth due to my personal life responsibilities prohibiting me from keeping up to date with the forum, it became apparent that Call of Duty 4 Zone needed a new reboot. Today marks that special occasion! We are now running Woltlab Burning Board 4.1, a full fledged modern forum software with many unique, fun, and necessary community features out of the box. These features range from:
      • Notifications
      • Wall Posts
      • Dashboard w/ News and Recent Activities
      • Responsive Layout
      • Tabbed Profiles
      • Likes and Dislikes Ratings
      • Thread tags
      • Conversations
      • Select Quote
      and much more! We are still looking for a custom style but while we are looking into that, we would like to first focus on rebuilding our content. Feel free to lurk around the forum and check all our new gadgets out. :thumbsup: Registrations are open so if you are a big Call of Duty 4 fan, sign up and introduce yourself to our community! Thank you and I look forward to the future! Including MW Remastered. :thumbup:
    • Sincere wrote:

      Hey @Wage! Thank you for joining us and thank you for your comments. The style is currently in development. I have good intuition that it will be great! And WBB is also a really nice piece of software.

      Have you been playing CoD4 or MW3 recently?

      Looks like a really good style so far. And yea I was on MW3 a little while ago today. Missed out on a lot of game-play due to my connection being really bad.
    • Trivia and quizzes sound like a great idea.

      Are there any plans for physical prizes like games or something? - Perhaps when you earn a bit of revenue from the site. Just a thought.

      The header looks great and I know I mentioned it in my previous post but i'm really impressed by how clean everything looks. It's a combination of great software and a brilliant theme :)
    • What do you think of the new header @TheGamingRow?

      I've never actually thought about giveaways in reality. I could maybe see doing one if the forum grows, but right now I wouldn't want to because it might just attract temporary visitors. But that does sound like a good idea, and if our sail is smooth, I will consider one for MWR. Thanks. And the style does look very clean IMO too. When I bought Burning Board, I knew I would have a hard time finding a designer because Woltlab is German software and many of the designers and developers speak German and very little English. Fortunately, on my first day of signing up on the Woltlab community forums, a fellow American messaged me and told me he could design my style. And voila, this is what the final product looks like and I think it is great. I wanted a light style because dark styles get too stale for me too fast. And light styles are more readable and more "professional" in my opinion, even though my other CoD forum, has a very nice dark Black Ops 3 style.

      Thank you for your appreciation @TheGamingRow. BTW, nice user title!