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  • Trivia and quizzes sound like a great idea. Are there any plans for physical prizes like games or something? - Perhaps when you earn a bit of revenue from the site. Just a thought. The header looks great and I know I mentioned it in my previous post but i'm really impressed by how clean everything looks. It's a combination of great software and a brilliant theme

  • Hello, I really like the forum software and the design you have. Very clean and the colours are subtle, the ease of use on mobile devices gets a big plus from me aswell. Any plans to add any further enhancements?

  • Thanks for the shoutout @Sincere It's a great attempt at porting over the game onto the android device. Quote from Sincere: “ But, I would much rather pay a higher premium to have GTA San Andreas, Vice City, III, Bully, etc. remade in 1080p and 60FPS. Also, one of the main things that bug me, is that often the controls are not updated to fully support the Xbox and PlayStation controllers! ” I agree with you there. There is not point porting them over to the new hardware unless you are going to d…

  • Haha thats a great tip, especially the window. Somebody always cooks a bloody grenade and drops it on me before I've even had chance to get a shot off.

  • Cheers for the tip(s). I do have to admit something though.... I love camping lol Don't judge me. I find the idea of the modern day sniper fascinating and I'm quite good at it. Don't get me wrong I also like setting my self up with some heavy weapons and position my self with a big machine gun but there is something about camping and sniping that I enjoy! Quote from Sincere: “ow, for #1, the main thing is to cook the grenade as soon as you get a hit marker and try to throw the grenade in the are…

  • A very comprehensive reply! Thanks so much for adding the video it makes sense now. I wonder why they disabled the comments? Perhaps someone was giving away to many secrets lol. Either way nodding I'd something I've never been into or got the hang of but I can understand why people do it its really good fun. Slightly off topic but some of the mods in GTA are fantastic. Do you have any other recommended videos you can link etc?

  • Hello All!

    TheGamingRow - - Party Chat


    Hello everyone, the names Mike and I've come here because I like most of you (i hope all of you, actually) love COD! I think the best COD of all time is COD4. I just instantly fell in love with the game and I always go ahead and revisit it every few months. I'm 26, work for an energy company and I live in England, UK! I hope we can build this forum community together.

  • It most certainly has to be 'All Ghillied up' That has to go down as one of the greatest levels in any game ever surely? A close second for me is Death From Above, it was quite different from the other missions and I would have liked to have had more missions like that in this game. Perhaps switching from tank driving back to your character. If anyone can give me a fair argument as to why All Ghillied up isn't the best level in the game I probably won't agree with you, but I'll respect your deci…

  • Yea it's slightly bitter sweet. The better you get at the game the harder it gets. There are some players that are absolutely unreal in terms of skill. It's amazing to think that gaming can be considered a skill these days. I for one rank up and then get added into higher ranked matches and I end up bottom by getting absolutely annihilated. Also agree with you on the wall running, more practice required!

  • Introduce Yourself to CoD4 Zone!

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    Hey boss! lol. Glad to see a new label for introductions. I'll get a intro thread added shortly. I'm exactly the same as you, my fave COD game is Call of Duty 4, it may be slightly controversial but I don't think there has been a game since COD4 that is better for sheer enjoyability. It is a modern classic and I think it will hold that status for a hell of a long time. What sort of Mods did you manage to write for the cod games? Mike.

  • Yea I agree with you. I get pretty much owned every time playing black ops 3! The new mechanics will take some getting used to. I guess the developers know what they are doing. The re-mastered versions are something i'm really looking forward to, perhaps they will have tweaked the mechanics slightly but hopefully they haven't messed around with them too much!. Thanks for the welcome

  • I'm really looking forward to this! I got a bit bored of the 'future war' games! Ps is there a welcome thread? I couldnt find it?