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  • @skrinkle That is pretty common for new players. It will just take some time to learn the maps, weapons, and perks so that you can develop your skill set. But sniping is good, especially if you're playing the role and defending.

  • Better than small feet eh.

  • I love the Xbox controllers. I still use my Xbox 360 controller for some PC games since I am a scrub. The only console I currently own however is the PS4 and I don't have any problems with it. I just like how the Xbox controller is larger and fits in my hands better.

  • It could also just be a personal preference too @skrinkle. Part of console wars is deciding which controller is best and most of it just comes down to personal preference lol. tumblr_mo8b992ELk1rr1o09o9_500.gif

  • What did they mean by "owner's info" @skrinkle? PSN registration?

  • Do you ever record videos?

    MushyPotatoes - - Party Chat


    It's probably because WoW already has "the" streamers that everyone tunes in to watch. But I could be wrong though?

  • What was your favorite weapon and type of weapons from Modern Warfare 2? I never sniped much in MW2 and I don't really snipe now, never been a fan of it beyond little private 1v1 matches in CoD4 on Shipment back in the hay day. So I can't say I like sniping too much. My favorite gun would probably have to be the ACR assault rifle. Very powerful and accurate. If I really want to try hard, I pair the ACR with FMJ and red dot. Also had a special place in my hear for the UMP-45 suppressed.

  • Do you play MWR on Xbox One or PS4?

  • LOL. I usually just mute them if they are really that annoying.

  • Call of Duty 4, MW2, and Black Ops 2 are the best CoD games in my opinion. If I had to choose one, it'd be hard because each of these games represent a golden age of Call of Duty. CoD4 built the foundation that CoD is still based on today. MW2 was such a huge game changer and popular game that everyone and their dog's puppies had it. Black Ops 2 was the last "great" CoD in my opinion. So I would have to choose one of these three. My final pick would probably be the original Call of Duty 4. One, …

  • Do you ever record videos?

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    Quote from skrinkle: “I had a twitch for a bit but no one watched me and I felt stupid lmao I like watching these tho! Anyone who can make visual tutorials is my hero. ” What kind of games did you stream? Did you have a cam too? I haven't watched Twitch since the release of Xbox One and PS4. I used to watch this guy play Forza everyday.

  • Happened to find this on Twitter and I thought it was pretty cool. Bryson Tiller is a popular American rapper/RnB singer.

  • Has anyone tried playing MW2 or MW3 online recently? Last time I played either was MW3 a few months back on Xbox 360 with a friend and we ran into MAYBE one or two hackers in an entire night of a 3 hour session. We'd simply back out and rejoin for a new lobby whenever a modder interrupted the game. The game was still fun and has aged well. Like with most older games, you will find lobbies in the most common game modes like SnD and TDM.

  • So, what are your thoughts on World War 2 so far? What's your rank and prestige? Favorite weapon? Favorite map? Did you buy the Digital Deluxe edition? How's it compare to Infinite Warfare? I know they are night and day but which game do you like more?

  • The 1.08 Version update was released today. We were promised the following bug fixes and "much more": - Increased server send rate, what many of us commonly referred to as tick rate. They are not the same thing. This "bug" made it where two different players could be seeing entirely different things and therefore causing bad deaths due to lag. - Clan tags would sometimes get reset. Amos Hodge promised a fix on this: - Increase/fix the collatera…

  • Spawns should be fixed in this update:

  • Do you ever record videos?

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    So a couple of days ago on my off day I decided to plug in my Elgato and start recording and hopefully finding my passion again for making videos and doing things I enjoy. Well, after thinking my Elgato was broken because I had DHCP enabled, I finally got it connected right and started on my first video in almost 2 years. The last video I made was the Elevator tutorial in the OP. This is the video I made: I hope to get better as I get more familiar with the softwa…

  • Both IW and MWR have been out for over 2 months now, what is your verdict on Infinite Warfare? I don't think it's fair for me to call the game terrible because I am "okay" skill wise with the double jumping and wall running mechanics. I just don't like it though. I play every now and then just to give it a chance, hoping that I have been wrong all along. Still, nothing changes. I close the application after an hour or 2 and hop back on MWR. And people thought we were only being nostalgic when we…

  • #justnoobythings

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    Last night I recorded a few minor clips and this morning put together a small video just to get some experience with editing again and to practice. I remember these problems all too well in the original CoD4, although I haven't seen much of it in MWR recently. Maybe actual noobs have been promoted? Feedback for the video would be much appreciated also! Thanks.

  • Amos Hodge returned from vacation on Jan. 5 to a community filled with rage and venom over the many game-breaking issues in Modern Warfare Remastered. Yesterday, Hodge tweeted out that he is fully aware of the broken kill cams not appearing and the invisible weapons bug. He assured a lot of us with this tweet, though the question that still lingers in all of our minds is what else is included in this "next big update"? A few of the major issues include broken spawns, collaterals, and the ridicul…