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  • The 1.08 Version update was released today. We were promised the following bug fixes and "much more":
    • Increased server send rate, what many of us commonly referred to as tick rate. They are not the same thing. This "bug" made it where two different players could be seeing entirely different things and therefore causing bad deaths due to lag.
    • Clan tags would sometimes get reset. Amos Hodge promised a fix on this:

    • Increase/fix the collateral damage on MWR to match the original CoD4. Now, collaterals, triples, and even QUAAAAAAAAAAAADS will be possible.

    • Killcams were glitched and would not show after death.
    • Spawn system overhaul to match the original CoD4. The spawns in MWR were so bad that players could end up spawning right behind you and in your team's spawn point. In the original CoD4, you spawn where the majority of your team is huddled, or far away from the enemy's
  • Amos Hodge returned from vacation on Jan. 5 to a community filled with rage and venom over the many game-breaking issues in Modern Warfare Remastered. Yesterday, Hodge tweeted out that he is fully aware of the broken kill cams not appearing and the invisible weapons bug. He assured a lot of us with this tweet, though the question that still lingers in all of our minds is what else is included in this "next big update"? A few of the major issues include broken spawns, collaterals, and the ridiculously low 10hz server tickrate.

    It is not certain, but one could assume that this update will be released in one week, January 17, since Amos Hodge tweeted shortly after his aforementioned tweet that Winter Crash will no longer be available on January 17 to remind us to finish all of our Gift Wrap and Ugly Sweater camouflage challenges.

    Speaking of which, have you completed all your Winter Crash challenges :?:
  • After downloading and installing the much anticipated December update to MWR that would bring the six remaining maps Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike, and Wetwork to MWR, you were greeted to a splash page upon Multiplayer that introduced you to Depot and Darren "GRAVES" Cosgraves, MWR's new Supply Drops guy.

    This will come to a huge surprise to MANY fans of MWR as nobody knew for certain that Supply Drops would be coming to MWR. The main problem people have with Supply Drops, in case you don't know, is that they can be purchased through in-game currency called CoD Points that can be purchased with real money. So, your options are to either grind for Depot Credits or pay out the pocket with real money to unlock a Common Supply Drop or Rare Supply Drop a lot faster that can unlock camouflages, emblems, characters, character uniforms, calling cards, weapon kits, reticles, and last but not least, weapons, but only melee weapons for now (Hint: Black Ops 3).

    This update…
  • YouTuber GoHardDave has published a few videos on YouTube of him doing some classic glitching in the Modern Warfare Remastered (MWR) Campaign. These glitches involve strafing, which we knew nearly 2 weeks ago, bounces, RPG jumping, and simple out of map glitches. The next thing I am interested in is the elevators and more bounces. I have not played the MWR Campaign yet, but tomorrow will be the day. As for now, this short compilation is great!

    Credits to the awesome GoHardDave. MWR glitching will be insane!
  • A few tiny, small bounces have been found in the MWR campaign just hours after release. These bounces are not big, but it proves that bouncing is possible in MWR and bigger, either old or new, bounces can be found! I am looking forward to playing MWR campaign and exploring the game.

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